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I just bought a 65 Gt 350, and it's in great shape. It has a blue interior, and the outside is  primer black. I'm going to pay to have it painted, but what colors would look good with a blue interior? Black, blue and white are oblivious, but what other colors are there to choose from that would match?

Are you talking about a real Shelby GT350 Mustang or just a clone?
If it is a real one you have to get an original black interior and paint the exterior Wimbledon White. The 1965 Shelby only came with this color combination.
If you have a clone then why not go all the way and make the interior look like the Shelby one?

Hey bro if it is a real 65 GT go with what is suppose to have but if it just a clone then go wild silver has always been a head turner with those even if you don't put the stripes on there or not.  STANG OUT.

Jerry Baker:
I agree with you all if its a real shelby go shelby all the way but if its a clone you can go shelby or what ever make you happy?   Im guessing your  talking a light blue.   if so white and blue, the smae blue as the interior, or silver.   You could go to a good paint store and see what they have to set the blue insides off.

Lets see a photo of it maybe that will help us.


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