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i got a 1968 mustang. 289 eng v8. i got a holley carb n a edelbrok intake. i want more horsepower tho and i dont have the money to supercharge it at the moment. what small changes can i make to make my car faster

Understand that speed costs money.  The more speed you want, the more money it will take.  About the only thing you can do right now that won't take you to the cleaners, but yet gain some HP.  An aluminum aftermarket intake manifold with a 4 barrel carb  with a cold air intake and some nice long tube headers with an X pipe feeding into dual mufflers.  Other than that, we are talking about a lot of money with new heads,  loping cam, flat top pistons, etc.  That 289 isn't worth it. 

so basically a 289 engine isnt worth putting money into? it would be better if i swap the enigne and put a 302 and super charge it right?

Well, the 302 is basically the same engine as a 289 as they both share the same block and many other internal parts.  If you want some serious HP you are going to have to step up to a 351.  There are a ton of mods you can add to it to include a blower. 

so swap it to a 351 engine huh.. sounds like real power to me. i was thinking of putting a Spectre Performance Cold air Intake on da 289. do you think thatll be a good idea?


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