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Hey guys it is me I am back sorry it took so long. I need to let Everyone know that I finally got my quarter working as we speak. I know it took awhile but it is on there. I need to find out if I get the power steering pump if I can get it to hook up to my gear box or if I need to get a new gear box.

  I have asked many times on here and other sites with no answer I am sure someone knows the answer but maybe I am not asking the correct question. I also need to get a new supspension kit I found one on ebay for about 250 but if you know where I can get one for cheap or equal please let me know.

 My idler arm on the driver side is bad and since Uncle sam gave me a little extra money I would like to blow it on my Baby( MY car not my Wife,lol). Any extra info would be great. STANG OUT

Do you mean you are installing a power steering pump in a car that was not equiped with power steering? I am going to do a search and see what I can find.
Did you try to see if it would fit?
I would also like to know how you got the quarter replaced. I have to do it on my car and I don't know what to expect at all  :lol:

Jerry Baker:
Ya if it had one it should work.  The Wife needs a Pump on hers and I think My father said all we needed was the box and the pump and it would work

I have one that doesn't have power steering and was think or heard, rather that I should be able to use the one gear box that is on it but don't know. The quarters I got in close with a buddy that is great and hooked it up I have a great site let me know if you don't have them and I will get you a address. STANG OUT


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