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need help on history


hi guys,my name's chris am new to the forum and am from the uk,proud owner of a 67 fastback 289 which i inported from ohio usa,i need to find out the history of my car ie previous owners,life of my do i go about founding out this info.
             cheers,     chris.

There is a man ( Kevin Martin)  who has collected all the data on these old Mustangs since 1967, so you are in luck.  Here is his internet addy, and it will cost you a pittance to order the report.

First try - This will explain a bunch of stuff. The cost will be a minimum of $30.00 USD, but it is 100 pct accurate.
PS Marti only has data on 67 on, no 66 and earlier.

hi i have the marti report,but i need to know more about the life of my stang.
          thanks chris.

Your best (and possibly only) way you can find out some history of your car is if you can contact the previous owner. The Ohio motor vehicle department may or may not provide the names of other previous owners depending on the state's privacy laws. If they can or do, it will most likely cost you for a report. That's it. 


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