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Need feedback on a good tire please!!!

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Just realized I typed 225 instead of 275! I have a stock 2001 GT Coupe w/  275 40 zr17 Falken F452s. These tires suck. This car is my everyday commute car and very 'rearely' incurs a burn out, yet these slippers wore faster than any tire I've had in the past. I'm currently looking at a Sumi or Kumo. Can anyone provide insight?????  ???

Before you settle on any tire, check out the Cooper Mach tires.  I have researched a lot of tires, and these are the longest lasting, best gripping, best wearing, cheapest tires on the market for your car.  If you don't drive over 100 MPH, you do not need "Z" rated tires.  That will also save you some coin.  And, with the white raised letters, they are an outstanding looking tire.  So, go to a Cooper store and check them out. 

Thanks so much! I will check 'em out today. I definitely appreciate the input.

Well, can't get much help with a 275 40zr17 tire recommendation, so I'm just gonns go w/ the Kumhos. Please reply if this is a bad idea! Thanks anyway :-\

What happened?  Did the Cooper salesman say he couldn't get a Cooper tire for your car?  If so, he is lying.  Check out this Cooper Zeon Sport in the exact same size you want.   I haven't read or heard any bad things about Kumos, I just shy away from foreign brand tires.  I would next check with B.F. Goodrich before settling on the Kumos. 


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