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need a shelby gt500kr hood. Any suggestions


Need to find out where I can get a shelby gt500kr hood for my 2008 mustang gt

This has been asked before in the French section and you will never find a real GT500KR hood for your Mustang GT.

Here is what Amy Boylan, the president of Shelby Automobiles says about it in the Shelby fan site:

--- Quote ---That is correct we have no intention of selling these hoods without the KR
This is a Shelby product, This car is built with ford, we both agree or we dont do it, The hood will not be sold without the car
--- End quote ---
It seems they changed their mind since then as the hood is now for sale at the Shelby website but only to the owners of Shelby GT500 cars.

She also said:

--- Quote ---Guys, your right, there will be fake kits out there, we have already shut down half a dozen, see we own the patent on this car and its parts and we along with Ford will dilligently stop anyone who makes these parts. This protects us, Ford and the people who buy the cars.
You have a Shelby Gt500, why would you slap on fake parts made by someone else?
--- End quote ---

If you do a Google search for "Mustang GT500 Venom hood", you will find some fake hoods but I don't know how good they are and how long they will be able to sell them :)

im not sure if they make one but check they have very nice fiberglass hoods and urethane bumper covers etc
Yeah Stephen, but they are not asking for a source for fiberglas bullshit fake hoods, they are asking for original 500 hoods.  Good luck with that find. 

I agree with rmodel65. Cervinis is the only aftermarket fiberglass company I'd ever trust. I've seen some of the eBay hoods, Mr.Bodykit etc etc.... They don't line up, they are to high on a side and the list goes on. Not worth it, go with Cervini's, Saleen, Roush, Ford something along those lines and you'll be happy.


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