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Ok, so I bought a 1965 mustang, I'm not gonna even lie it's seen better days, my problem, I bought a new battery and alternator and the alternator doesn't seem to be recharging my battery, have yet to replace the celinoid, not sure how to spell that, but if any body has any suggestions as to my problem it would be greatly appreciated. Also if anybody can post a picture of how to properly re-wire a alternator which I think may be my problem would also help

check the voltage regulator...

check this out

I.......uh.........agree :o :o :o, so about my problem

i believe there is a alternator diagram in the FAQ links

Ok so I replaced the battery alternator and voltage regulator, and the ATL light went off, it starts fine, but have yet to drive a long distance, rmodel65 I apologize for first response I thought the whole second amendment was your repley


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