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Just a quick note to let you all know that our beloved Black Mustang convertible GT (Reg. MX07 FVL) was stolen from outside our house in the early hours of Thursday morning (21 January).  They broke into our house while we were asleep and took the keys to both our cars (our Audi has been recovered but it is still with the police).  Both cars were picked up on police camera travelling over the Runcorn-Widnes bridge at 1.45am on 21.01.10.... presumably heading to Liverpool as the Audi was found parked on the side of a road in Speke.

I thought we’d let you all know just in case you hear of anything, or anyone tries to part-ex it or offer parts, etc.

The headlights are very distinctive, disconnected Angel Eyes which have been retro fitted with LED Strips and it has the ‘Billet’ grille fitted.  The interior is all black with black leather seats.  The vehicle has the 'mycolor' display to the dash.

If you see or hear of anything please, please contact the Police.

Thank you,

Sorry to hear of your loss, but I don't think we Americans will have a chance to either hear about it, or see it on the road.  Good luck finding it, and hopefully it hasn't been stripped. 

My mom had a car stolen from her they found it after about 3 weeks in great condition. it looked like someone took it for a quick spin and just hid it in the woods.  Also i am an owner of Lojack  i am not sure if they have Lojack  where you are located but i am sure that they have some type of GPS tracking system for cars.  It is a great investment they have over a 90% recovery rate.

Thanks for your replies.  Still no further news, but it's early days.


Without being too nasty, we in this country have the right to defend ourselves and our property. I use the S & W team (plus an alarm).


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