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ive come to the decision that i need to acquire a mustang svo. that way i can have my fun car with extremely good gas mileage for a dd

Yeah, if you could find one, and could afford it.   ;D There were only 9,844 Mustang SVOs ( Special Vehicle Operations for those who don't know what SVO stands for) to roll-off the assembly line during their production from 1984-86, and today few people know that they were ever produced.

i had one but bought for 1k but i sold it after the turbo locked up i found a solid car for 3700 im looking at right now. im gonna try and sell my 91 gt locally if it sell im gonna go for the svo

That's one hellava Mustang for those years.  If you can get a cherry one for that amount, then jump on it. 

Someone else from Brunswick, amazing! ;D



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