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Mustang problems!?


I have a 99 ford mustang v6, i recently replaced the fuel pump as well as the fuel filter. apperently that was the problem a few days ago. i bought everything new, after that was in for some reason the car still didnt start, so finally it was realized that there was air in the gas? this car is fuel injected. Only started about twice, then left sitting for about 7 hours, now it doesnt start anymore. Any ideas on what it could be? New fuel pump was already checked and that wasnt the problem.

If it ran for several minutes after you replaced the fuel pump, then air in the system should have been expunged.  But, if you only let it run for a few seconds, then air could be trapped in the fuel lines.  Since it started and ran, obviously your firing system is not to blame.  I would unhook the fuel line and turn the engine over for a minute or so to make sure the air in the system is gone. Use a can to catch the fuel.    If no fuel is being pumped, then your new pump is FUBAR or you have trash in the fuel tank not allowing free flow of gas to the pump.  Also, check your fuel filter to make sure it is not plugged up with trash. 

My brother had a similar problem with his mustang after installing a new fuel pump (in the tank). With his second fuel pump, he totally filled up the fuel tank right a way, which is what someone recommended to him. No problems after!


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