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I've been to a couple local junk yards in California but I don't find very many '93 Mustangs.  Does anybody know of any "Mustang Only" junkyards that I can go to in California.  I live in SoCal but I'm willing to travel a little bit just for some parts.  I'm trying to fix my '93 GT Convertible V8 5.0L but I'm on a tight budget so I figure the small parts I can get from a junk yard are worth it.

Jerry Baker:
Sorry I don't know of any.  Just type in Mustang Parts in Cal or differant keywords.  You may find some that way.  In the past I have seen many of them on the net but can't remember what states they were in.

I have found one that seems specialized in Mustangs but other than what is displayed below I have no other information about them:
Mustang Village
Fontana, California USA
Phone: 909-823-7915

If you are ready to spend hours on the phone here is a list of over a hundred junkyards:
Junkyards in California

Thanks for the info.  I'm going to try these out.

anyone know of a good one in the dfw area?


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