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Mustang Identification 65-69??


Please help me!! I'm trying to find out how to differentiate early model Mustangs by observing the styling, but nobody seems to have a concrete answer. What exactly do I have to look for to tell the difference between the 65-66-67.. 68-69 Mustangs?? Any help will be appreciated!! :-?

okay the best way to find out is look at the side of the car. ^641/2 thru 66 has the same quarters were as the 67 has two vents as well as the 68. ,69 it totally differnt from the previous years, the only differnce in 69 and 70 is the front end 69  has 4 head lights the 70 has 2 with vents. 71 thru 73 are the big ones

Also look on the home page there is a section with pics from those years that will tell you


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