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new to this stang fan:
how reasonable is it for 400rwhp on stock gas for a 5.0.  what are the best mods for a budgit builder if i want the car to be an every day driver and achieve the 400rwhp?

very reasonable with the right parts check out this build in carcraft:

Budget building is easy.  Get a set of GT40 or GT40P heads and intake and get a B303 cam.  We had that in our 89 and it ran 9.47 in the 1/8 mile and we drove it every day.

+1 on the GT40 heads.  Now, AFR 165 or 185's would be a better breathing head, but the best bang for the buck would be the GT40's.  Any junk yard will have them. 


--- Quote from: Soaring on July 15, 2008, 08:59:24 PM ---  Any junk yard will have them. 

--- End quote ---

They are easy to find as well.  Alot of "beginners" to the engine building of mustangs think they are only in the '93 Cobra's, but they are also in the '96-'01 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer.  Though you'll have to change the fuel rail.


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