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Yeah, like I said, they are readily available in any junk yard if the junk yard guy will allow you to take just the GT40 heads and not the entire engine.  Most of the time you either buy the whole engine or nothing. 

We went to our local yard recently and a friend that works there told us it would be cheaper to get the entire engine rather than just the heads and intake.  Luckily we listened, we ran the numbers on the block and turned out being a replacement crate motor from Ford with less than 10K miles on it.  Now that was luck.

That's about a 4 thousand dollar motor.  You lucky stiff.   ;D

Yeah, but we don't have it anymore.  A good friend of ours blew his motor cuz he actually trusted someone that told him it was a fresh rebuilt motor and it wasn't.  So we sold it to him for what we had in it.  We'll find another GT40 engine sooner or later, just not likely to find another crate one.  Oh well.


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