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mustang head emblem blowing smoke out the nose????


A long time ago  i seen a mustang maybe it was a mustang 2 not sure but the steering wheel had a pony head with smoke coming out of the nose i would love to  get a picture  or some information anything would be great so if u no anything on this let me no lookin for this item desperately  thanks

hey Bro I think you saw one of those things that is like my pony on roids things. It is hard to explain but for the most part it is a thing you can order from I believe I will do some research and get back with you but wanted to let you know that it is out there but rare.STANG OUT

Jerry Baker: is a comic book site.  Look for that website I want to see the smoke blowing horse

that would be

I tried to help u locate this item, i thought it would be kewl. I spoke to a guy on is his   But he said it might be difficult to do, and he would need a pic, which i told him i dont think u have. If u could give him more details he may be able to help u. I spoke to a guy name eric.  I did my best if u have any luck let me kno.


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