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Okay I have left like 1000 polls on here and no ones every answers them but for a select few. So Here I go if you are a true mustang fan  then leave a statement on here, anything that in turn will help spark polls and topics for others. There are not limits just leave some if you read this. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
Well lets see A true mustang fan, I don't know if thats me or not.  I have always wanted a mustang and in high school I guess it hit me that I wanted a 69 mach 1, so now Im almost 38 and I have a 69 mach 1, a 1970 sportsroof, had a 96 rag top.  in 2005 I started the Mustang Mafia of Kentucky and now we are the Mustang Mafia of America with 2 chapters in Kentucky, one in Colorado, and one in Texas, with talk of Florida and Missouri.  I would love to have one in Canada and over seas.  but for the start of the 2nd year I guess im doing great.   Oh ya the club is free to any mustang owner and we never charge a due.  

So I guess Im a mustang fan, no not a fan.  I love the Mustang, I guess im a junky.

I think that if you are a fan then that means you dont own one. f you own one its becomes a addiction. 8-) The Mustang I love the most is the 69 boss 429.

But I love all muscle cars  especially the "CUDA" sorry :-D

To be a Mustang fan you have to be a car fan. There is then no reason to be sorry to love the Cuda. I do too.
I don't own any Mustang but did have a 1969 302 coupe 5 years ago. I started this website after I sold it and it kept the flame going so big that I just hope not to get burnt before I can own the 69 or 70 fastback of my dreams. :lol:

We really werent Mustang fans..or so we thought. We would rather spend large dollars on a Harley..that is until one day, in the market for a new car, test drove one....thats all she wrote. Now with our 06 gt premium convertable.....It seems the Harley sits in the garage more..and  we are in the wind with our GT!! Guess we are true fans afterall!!!!!!!
                           check out our pic!  Arrestmered


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