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Wow nice guys I hope others will get in here and start something I am sure everyone is tried of seeing my 10 posts add to get it alive,lol. I get bored so I just start flappig away. I like the Roadrunner 69 type with the 383 but I cannot take anything away from the cuda. STANG OUT

Hey Race why did you edit my thing did I spell something wrong AGAIN or say something wrong let me know MY BAD,lol. STANG OUT

just a little bit.LOL

Mustang fan here, I do all appreciate all cars not just stangs though. My uncles are all car guys and they all have sweet rides. I got a 1990 GT convertable with just about every bolt i can get my hands on. this extra power led to flexing so I installed a strut tower bace, sub frame connectors and it stiffend up the chasis big time. Any performance tips are greatly appreciated.

mustangs are a like a drug if you get you one you have to have more . i bought the 87 then turned around 3 months later and got a 01 now the wife and are taking about getting an 69 ( her birth year) and a 75 ( my birth year) i dont really car for the body the styles of the 75's Think i could talk her into an 07 insead of the 75 lol

and here is the 87


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