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I don't know brother a 6 that is pretty bad but those are some nice cars you have to agree. I found a 70 BOSS I think I might get but I don't think I will because I don't even have my 73 up here in KY with me so don't want to throw her to the side nad pick up another you know. STANG OUT

I agree with you Rentascout. A 6 is pretty bad but if I had a 69 fastback with a 6 nothing would prevent me from replacing the engine with a big block V8 later. Much easier than converting a coupe into a fastback :)

You found a 1970 Boss for sale? Do you know how much they are worth once restored?
If you have a chance to buy that car , don't let it go and sell your 1973 to finance its restoration.
Your 1973 Mustang is a great car but compared to a 1970 Boss my choice would be done  :lol:

Jerry Baker:
Hell ya bro if you have a chance to get a 70 boss, now make sure its a true boss.  Sned me the vin and any other info on it.  If you can afford it get it man they are hard to come by.

Oh glade to see you on here Brad.

Hey guys what is up, yeah I got back with that guy and he wanted 8 large and I was like sweet. I went and checked it out but couldn't figure out why it didn't have a ram hood on it.

 It had a plain hood with and went to raise the hood and it had a 302 with a c6 trans and the guy told me that it was all orignal so without being a ass to him because he was a older guy you know how you guys get all confussed and crap,lol. I told him I would do some checking and get back with him. I did call him back and he wasn't mad but I think he was trying to over sell it.

  Sorry haven't been on here much as you can tell it is 0300 in the morning and I am on staff duty doing the Army thing.I know a 73 isn't all that but it was in my opion the last year of the muscle cars in the mustangs anyways.

  There is alot of room to work and got it at a great deal so maybe that is what I need to get on. Don't think I forgot about you Race and Godfather or you either Thierry I hope you guys are doing well and you have really changed the site looks good man but confussed this simpleton Army guy when I got on, and GODFATHER I hope you guys got that taken care of with those ppl in ky stealling you website bro take care and hit me up .STANG OUT

Nice to see you back Rentascout but you are hurting my feelings seeing you ignore a 1970 Boss for sale for $8.000  :lol:
Original or not and even if it needs to be restored, it's still a good price. You can see how high the bids go for Mustangs like that on Ebay
Do you have a VIN number too see if it's a real Boss or not?


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