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Mustang convertibles and 'Parade time' question

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Hello!   Thinking ahead to July 1st and our local Canada Day Parade, I've been recruited by 'Mum-in-law' to drive some of her lady friends, all volunteers at our local hospital, in the parade.  Last year they were short of convertibles so, I bought a nice one, an '06, and have volunteered.   Now I've been warned that these ladies will want to perch themselves atop the folded roof behind the back seat for the parade.   I'm thinking 'bad idea!'  ...Anyone got experience (or advice about) attempting this?   I'm not sure that the rear seat headrests won't be in the way anyways..

Unless they are elephants, I wouldn't worry about it.  Maybe suggest that they sit on pillows.   And, welcome to the site.  Stick around for awhile.  We have a lot of fun talking about our Mustangs.  Where in Canada is this parade going to be held?   Richmond?

Welcome from semi-sunny Northern California.
I don't know how an 06 convertible is constructed, but on 1964 thru 73 convertibles, it is not a good idea to sit on the top of the rear seat. Our club sent several vintage convertibles to a big parade in San Jose several years back. One of the riders was a 300 pound (plus) politician named John Vasconcellos. He insisted on sitting on the top of the seat, bent it, the sheet metal behind it and several of the convertible top's bows. When confronted with the damage, he turned and walked away. You don't get many volunteers for parades with that attitude. My recomendation - get some pillows for the back seat to elevate your riders and keep them off the seat top.

Thanks for your inputs fellas.  Actually, were you to be watching the womens' Speed Skating (on NBC) being held today at the Richmond Olympic Oval, I live about 10 minutes from the Oval....   right by the airport and beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.    Hope you're enjoying the events!
(And pray for snow please..  the contestants could use some colder weather up here.

Who's car is it?


You have the right to say HOW others will sit in it. 

Like posted earlier, damage to the car will be your resp.  so they have to respect your request on seating. 

I wouldn't let anyone sit on my top. 

Best of luck.


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