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Okay let me start this off right> I want to hear what is the best looking color on a stang and why.

I like yellow and I mean bright yellow not that mustard or faded yellow I mean nice cali yellow. reason is the brighter really turns heads in my opinion.STANG OUT

 The best color for a Mustang in my opinion is black. It makes them look more mean.

Mustangs look great in many colors.  That being said my favorite was, is, and will be, Screaming Yellow, D6, or as close as you can get to it.  I have owned several bright yellow stangs over the years and own one now and another in the process of becoming screaming yellow. ;D  It is just a shame that I could not get my GT-500 in yellow as well.

 Hey fjt226. I just noticed your signature and I don't think you introduced yourself and your stable to us. Feel free to start a new topic to show this impressive collection of Mustangs  ;D

I like yellow and red on Mustangs.  But, I have just the opposite opinion about the shade of yellow.  I like the mustard yellow (Springtimne Yellow) and the candy apple red on classics, but Torch Red or black on the SN95 and up. 


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