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One moth ball under each seat is all you need to store the car and keep out insects and mice.  What did you do?  Throw in a whole box?  ;D

well I.. didnt over do it. The lady that I bought that car off of had a box in the engine bay, and two-three boxes in the damn car.. and yes I said was so bad when I first got the car no one would wanna ride in it with me haha o well there loss ;D

Take out the interior light bulbs. open the doors,  and let the car air out on the outside of the garage for several days on dry days.  Don't try to cover it up with sprays, just let the natural air swoop it away.  Hell, you may even have to change out the carpet.   ;D I don't mean to be laughing, but that woman is a complete idiot. 

Hope it does not have to come to that!

Here are some tips to get rid of the smell.
Someone says the gas is very toxic for children. I hope you don't take any kids with you.


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