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muffler for an 03 mustang gt

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What is the best sounding flowmaster muffler i can get for a 2003 mustang gt?

40 series I think.  Go to the classic section and click on FAQ at the top.  Scroll down a little and you- will see several sound bites of various mufflers. 

before you  settle on flowmaster for you 4.6 car take a look at SLP mufflers they are sexy when paired with the modular motors

i also see your from GA :) make sure to check out  ;D

slp is a very good exhaust i will not lie but to me go with the flowmaster super 44s cant go rong check them out on you tube i have them on my 99 gt

ive got flows on my 5oh but theres just something about the SLP and if iirc they make more powah than the flows


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