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muffler for an 03 mustang gt

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--- Quote from: rmodel65 on December 31, 2008, 01:01:20 AM ---ive got flows on my 5oh but theres just something about the SLP and if iirc they make more powah than the flows

--- End quote ---
More power by adding a particular muffler?  You've got to be kidding. 

there is a difference is small maybe .5-1 :P

but every bit counts

I'm a big fan of the 40 series my self.

I always tell people - make a decision on the exhaust based on how your going to be driving the car.

If your driving the car back and fourth to work everyday 40 miles each way... Flowmaster may not be the best option, as the drone can annoy you after awhile.

Than Corsa's RSC technology becomes a great option.

If it's a car that you could careless about drone, noise etc... Than you have a ton of options

Your best option is to just browse YouTube etc. and find which sound you like the best.

Don't be scared of Flowmasters and "losing" power. Never seen it, I actually ran  a dyno test between Flowmasters and Magnaflow's on the same car @ 450 RWHP. Car made the exact same horsepower, give or take 1 HP. With the amount of variables, I'd say there is very little difference.

All the 2 1/2" Cat-Backs seems to make the same power.

HI   I just purchased a o3 mustang gt convertible this makes the5th on I've had , What I am trying to find out is can I put 09 gt mufflers on my 03.

Anything is possible.  Take some measurements to see if you have to alter the 03 any.  I wouldn't think there would be any difference.  My 03 Mach has lots of room around the stock mufflers to add just about any muffler I wish. 


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