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Hey mustang guys what is up. I am back with another set of thoughts and questions to test everyone here and see what is new. I noticed that new ppl have got on and actually put new topics on there is great.

      I got back from the car show in OKC and I found out that I joined the NSRA to come and find out that there are only two car shows that I can even bring my 73 mach to what is up with that, if I would have known that I would have never joined but I guess something you have to learn the hard way.

   GODFATHER I had a quick question for you before I forget. Has anyone come up with jackets or shirts for the club yet I get on the website but it don't seem that ppl get on that often so I could find out.

    I have gotten the whole top sanded down with no proof of the top was ever on there so that is a start. I am going to have to wait on the motor and just start busting it down to primer and get it ready for the body work that it is going to have to under go soon I hope. I have alot more but the got to go and do something for the wife so...........STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
Im working on shirts and stuff now.  Found a place on the web that will make them, ship them for us and we don't have to order a truck load.

Jerry Baker:
Ok if you go to the web site and go down you will see a link for Mafia Items .   You can get a shirt thier for now

Yeah Marty hooked me up i was also looking for the jackets but I can get he logo and make one. I was also looking for a lettering place so I can get eh mustang mafia lettering for my back winshield. STANG OUT take care

Jerry Baker:
There is a very nice couple not far from Marty that did his.


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