Author Topic: Mod Decisions for 70 Stang Update 12/7/2010  (Read 1481 times)


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Mod Decisions for 70 Stang Update 12/7/2010
« on: December 07, 2010, 07:19:49 PM »

What you will see unfold in these updates is an exercise in project management for the modifications.  When I originally scoped out the components for the 302 that replaced the 250, I used a similar process, but very detailed.  I wasnt overly concerned with improvements other than what a dropped in 302 would provide over that tired old straight 6. (Clearly..I left the 3 speed manual trans in it.)

But this time itll be different.  There is a lot to do and unlike the previous rebuild, money will be tight and free time limited.  The main goal I have is to keep the car in operation in between stages of modification.  This will take a clear and well laid out plan, where issues similar to the installation of the dash pad before the pillar post trim arrived (doh!), could be more than just a cost in time.

Below is a high level sketch of what Id like accomplish with the Mustang.  Ill update this list with more details as I figure which brands, sizes and the like that will be used.  Over on my Facebook pages I have already received some feedback and suggestions and Ill post these up here in some cleverly titled entry.

So give me your suggestions or opinions and as the progression goes even tell me if you dont like the choice and why.

Brakes and Suspension:

- Upgrade to 4 wheel disc (Brand and size TBD)

- Replace front and rear stabilizer bars (Brand and size TBD)

- Control arms already replaced

- Rebuild power steering

- Shocks already upgraded


- Add cut-out before mufflers

-  Extend tailpipes to exit rear

No other changes anticipated


- Addition of upgrade dash and interior lights

- Possible upgrade of all gauges

- Replace front seat belts with 3 point harness

- Carpet replaced

- Seats re-upholstered (upgrade to Leather/Cloth?)

- Paint lower doors

- Tilt steering wheel (Flamming River?)



- Option 1 Manual 4 speed with Hurts shifter

- Option 2 T5 5 speed

- Rear Differential * Unsure if upgrade is possible or required


* 302 stays

- Replace intake (Brand and size TBD)

-  Replace 650 Holley (Holley 750 Avenger)

-  Replacement of heads for more  performance (undecided)

-  Add custom mounting and tension for Power Steering/Alternator

-  Remove Fan and replace with electric

-  Add more chrome to engine (but not too much Bling..hate too much Bling)


Paint stays except:

- Blacked out rear light deck

- Black  Hood stripe (1970 Boss 1970 302 or 1970 Mach 1) See images below What do you think?

- Blacked out grill

- Black Front Spoiler

- Black side Boss 302 Stripe (w/o the Boss) (dependent on hood choice)

- Magnum 500 wheels (newer version, not originals)

Hood lay outs:

Mach 1 Hood...Perhaps my favorite...currently not considering adding a scoop

Boss 302 Hood lay out

O.K., lets hear your thoughts.  They will automatically appear to the right of this posting and Ill add the good ones in the update posts.

Thanks for reading.



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Re: Mod Decisions for 70 Stang Update 12/7/2010
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2010, 08:56:40 PM »
Sounds like a plan Tim.  Take your time and do it right. 



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