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After much internal debate about what to do with my 70 Mustang I’ve decided on a direction for Mustang.

Running out of car projects (there was always something to ‘fix’ on the ’84 Vette).  The 07 Vette is going to stay as if for a while, I like just as it for now.  The Mustang is nearly done, with just a re-upholstery with the front seat, restoring the back of the rear seat and replacing the steering column cover and new carpeting.  That’s all coming up soon.  But there are a few more things that are going to happen.  The time frame will be fluid given the availability of funds (Average Budget) and time.

I wrestled with keeping the car original in the beginning.  But with the tired old 250 straight 6 wasn’t going to make it possible, coupled with my desire to have more horse power.  I’ve often thought that the 302 swap wasn’t horrible and by keeping the 3 speed manual transmission, my changes didn’t reach the level of a resto-mod and I still think I’m good there.  Keeping it period (swapping out items that were actually available for a coupe as options in 1970) I thought was noble in trying to bring up to a level of performance I “could live with” without straying too far from its original configuration.  However, I understand that a ’70 Coupe isn’t ever going to reach the value of  any other ’70 model or configuration of Mustang nor will it receive a comparable level of the attention at car shows.

So I’m working out a plan for taking this under rated coup to an all new level.

Currently as configured the car has the following:


- Original color – paint 2 years old.

- Mach 1 mirrors (Left and Right – I added those)

- Rear wing – added by previous owner


- Center Line with spinner centers


- Original dealer installed AC unit

- Original materials  and color

- Dash pad replaced


- Original 3 speed transmission

- Original rear end 3.00 standard axle ratio

Engine: (my mods)

- Re-manufactured 302 (1970) bored .030

- Larger radiator

- A/C dryer kill switch

- Typhoon Intake

- Holly 650 4 barrel carb


- Hooker headers

- Dual exhaust

- Thrust mufflers


- Standard

- Front and rear stabilizers (after market)


- Power assist Drums

So what’s my plan?

That is coming up next posting.

Thanks for reading


The 302 swap will be easy enough, but you might want to rethink that 650 carb. 

302 is already there.  Yup the cab is going to  as on of the mods.

If you were going to replace the heads on a 302 with performance being the goal.  What you use?

What would you use?


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