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I have a 1995 Ford Mustang. Check engine light came on and gave CO1 and CO5. replaced everything. Finally took it and had the transmission rebuilt. Check engine light is gone but now I get 100 miles per tank and it misses when driving and I have noticed that I can go 35 mph without touching gas pedal. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what the problem could be?

Try cleaning the MAF sensor.  I can go 35 MPH easily without touching the gas pedal in my 03 F-150 that has a 4.6 L engine and automatic tranny.  That's not unusual if you are coasting down from a higher speed.    After you clean the MAF, and it still misses, then you need a general tune-up.  That includes plugs and wires plus setting the timing to correct specs.  Check the codes again to see what may be the problem. 


Was it ever brought into a Toyota dealership for servicing?  (j/k  ;D)

Check the throttle body for any *gunk* .

my $0.02

Again, check the codes.  It may be just a coil gone bad. 

I have changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel pump and transmission. The car is running rough and the mechanic mentioned a ditributor behing the manifold that maybe bent and not firing correctly. I have looked thru the repair manuel and can not find what he could be referring too. He tells me it costs $180 plus $110 for labor so I am kind of leary. AS FOR MAINTAINING 35 MPH it stays there for miles and the road is flat. I know going 65 and taking foot off accellerator that the car will continue to go 35 mph. So can I please get better advice?


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