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Misfire in cylinder 7 & 8


A couple of days ago i noticed the idle was acting funny, dropping low and studdering i did a quick look over of the car reset the computer and everything was fine until yesterday i went for a little drive andout of no where the check engine light comes on and alternates between  flashing and constant. On top of this acceleration is almost nonexistant. I could almost floor it and it would look and sound like it was redlining at 4000 rpm. At first i thought this was a transmission problem but when i ran the code it said misfire on 7 & 8. I have checked all of my spark plugs and they are all brand new and in great condition, the coils are the ones that came on the car when i bought it however i tested them  and they were good as well. Alas my question, What else could be causing this?

Rat Fink:
Sounds like you got a hot wire going to ground somewhere, maybe a power pack feed.
If your Number 7&8 cylinders are missfiring, reset the computer again, Your car should continue missfire, If it doesn't there is something other than a bad plug or power pack.
After you reset the computer do a code check.   .

Are you still in the MC

well i have reset the computer twice and have checked all the sensors and what is accesible of the wiring and i can see nothing wrong...however i could have missed something. How can a Hot wire going to ground cause a misfire...i have seen a hotwire to ground mess with the electrical system and fry some sensors, battery, alternator and so on but im clueless has to how that would cause my cylinders to misfire.
yes im still in the corps, infact im driving back to california from texas in a couple of weeksand i dont have the time or the resources to fix the problem myself so im trying to get as much information as possible as to not get the run around from a shop


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