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Magnum 500 - 16 ou 17"

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Hi there,

I new here, and iīm very happy to participate in this forum.
Iīm from Brazil and love mustangs! They rock!

Well, iīm restoring a mach1 70 that i bought in 2002 and thereīs one thing thatīs making me sick: what rim to put and the size of them.

I donīt want to put modern rims. I like the magnum 500, but would like to put something bigger than the classic 15 inches.

I found at internet some stores the sells the magnum 500 size 16 and 17 (the old style, not the billet). Does anyone have one of those, and can put some photo here? I donīt know if will come out nice.
Also, i was wondering to put a 17" with a tire with raised white letters (i saw the goodyear GT II).
What you guys think?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english.....iīm trying to improve. ;D

Here is a picture of my Mag 500's with the Goodyear II tires, but they are 15".  I have never seen a mag 500 that was bigger than 15"

They actually do have 17's available now.


--- Quote from: Tim175 on August 21, 2009, 03:39:10 PM ---They actually do have 17's available now.

--- End quote ---
OK mouth, where are the pictures and the sources?  ;D

Thanks for the answers....

check it out:

There a couple other places to buy them.
I think a 17" rim with a raised white letter tire will look awesome....!


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