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mag 500 rims


Okay I am looking for a good wait pump your brakes I am looking for a great deal on a set of mag 500 fopr my 73. I was thinking about going 15x7 front and 15x8 in the rear. I know waht you are thinking," but russ when it comes time to rotate the wear pattern will be different". I understand this and might be willing to go 8 all the way around, but 7's just look to tiny. If someone knows someone that might have a great deal on them, please let me know, also if you want to weigh in on the 7 and 8 fight I have going on in my head please be my guest.

I do not care if they have tires on them but would like them new. Thierry I am sorry I spelt your name wrong in the email I sent you. Remember I am just a dumb Army guy. Nice site brother has come along way

I have a set with BFG tires that I would let go of, but I don't know jack about shipping them.  PM me for contact info and I'll make you a very nice deal.


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