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I am getting it ready to go and Race you better get ready I won't race you for slips becasue I won't have my car dolly to pick it up afterwards. I am going to get pics after I get out of jail for killing my wife for erasing them. I will get them soon and get them on here take care and thierry the site is looking great keep it up.STANG OUT

well it taking a long time for my engine thats being biult in Minnesota. Im keeping the comp ratio under 10:1 for my wife since its her car.Every time I try to pull it out to work on the body it rains. Are you still stationed in Kansas? We need to meet up sometime and BBQ. I got a bike recently to go back a orth on , man its fun,but anyway  im ready for that challenge even if I have to pull a flintstone and use my feet. he he

Nah I am at Fort Knox ,KY. I will be comming home to Wichita soon and would love to get together so I can see what you have done and get some ideas for mine. I thought you already had your motor bro, what happened?  I got my panels on and even though they look rough I am getting to closer every chance I get to touch it.

  I added up the days since I have owned her nad all together I have only had 43 days of work time on it because I don't have a place to park it up here so I don't want to bring it up here and have her sit out in the rain and weather.

  I did take that top off and it looks better I took the back window out and tried to resit it, but the lower passenger side I guess didn't take very well because it still leaks which kind of bothers me but oh well. I will have to work on it a little more to get it where I want it.  

  I am still looking for a steering pump with hoses to go on because it is a rough to drive but all in time. I think I talked my dad into letting me pull the engine and try to beef it up a little still trying to go for the factory look I guess, I don't know I haven't got to be around it alot so don't know where it is going but I can assure all the hopeful ppl on here that she will be a winner when I am done.

  I do need some help though.... I pulled those drip caps off around the windows so I could sand and remove the rest of that top and I would like to know if it is easier to just put them back on or maybe and I mean maybe shave them down and smooth them in.

  I know what you are thinking this comming from the guy that preaches all factory, but you have to work with me ppl. I don't know how much work it will be to either put them back on or just shave them so I am needing the thoughts on this one. I am getting stoke just thinking about it even though I am only going to have ten days of leave to work on here in july I would like to get some helpful tips that could really save me sometime so I can focus on the important stuff and not worry about the rest.

  I know I am rambling on here but I have been up for 36 hours without sleep playing with privates (soldiers) and wanted to hop on here before I rack out. take care and if anyof you guys have myspace look a brother up. Display name (Counter) STANG OUT


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