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Hey guys I got a chance to go back home when my little cousin passed away and do a little work on my Mach One to keep my mind off other things.

  I finally got the quaters worked by a buddy of my dads and he did it for only three hundred he told me to make it two but everyone else wanted and arm and a leg to do it so I figured three was good.

  I think my wife erased my pics so if I can find them I will be putting them on time soon. I haven't got a chance to mud the passenger side but got a little work on the driver side and When I torn that ugly vine. top off it there were two spots that needed to be filled on the top so got those squared up.

  I have had the car since 05 when my Lovely wife ( remember her, she was the one who erased my pics) bought it for me while I was in Iraq. Over the two years that I have owned it I have only been around to work on it a Grand total of 25 days, but over that time I have ripped off that top fixed the quarters, got most of the factory paint stripped and replaced the dash and got the Driver seat back to factory standards. Not to bad I think but still along way from getting it there, but a good start.

  I still have alot of work to do on it I still have those fender aprons to do, which if anyone has any inside tips please pass them on becasue I am going to do them all my myself and I am not a welder by any means what so ever. My dad has worked on car his whole life adn he is one of them if it ain't broke don't mess with it. Well I think I got him talked into taking the Motor out ( which I plan on taking it apart when he is gone so he has no opiton but helping me put it back together, which then I can try to boost that littl 176 factory 351 C 2V up) so I can do the fender aprons.

  Someone on here told me that you could get more horses out of that 2V than the 4V and would like to know why and how. I have a carb which is not factory to go on it and I don't want to take away from the value of the car but 176 horses man that is hard to deal with. My dad scored both a 3:55 and a 3:73 gear for the 9" which I plan on changing but you will never know unless you took it off. I am a idea man that thrives off of ideas and plans so fill me in guys. Sites insight I am 27 and I will not pretend to know anything so all the help that is given will be put to good use one way or another.  Well take care and please if you have time to read this novel you have time to post something on here, and I mean everyone even if you don't own a mach one of those years you will help me come up with something I am sure. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
I can't wait to see the photos of the Mach

I wish I could give you ideas but there is so many ways to improve the performance and style of a Mustang that I don't know where to start. Everyone has his own taste and if you don't want to loose any value from your car, you will probably have to go 100% original and keep the 176hp  :-(
For the body work let me know what you need to do and I will try to find good articles from other sites.

I need something about the whole shaping and working of hte mud. I have to make the space of my quarters since the whole quarter needs to be fixed.

I watched the TV show "Trucks" on SpikeTV one day and they were repairing the bed of a truck with sheetmetal but instead of welding it, they used glue. On today's cars most of the panels are installed using the same technique so maybe this would be a solution for you.
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