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Lug nut torque


I drove about 400 miles today in my 65, and after making a turn to go the last 14 miles to the house, it sounded as if i had a flat. 
Ya' know that flub, flub, flub sound?  So I pulled over to find that all 4 of my tires were inflated.  I popped the hood to see if something came loose, and nothing.  I looked at the brakes and they all seemed intact.  The last thing I did before getting back in the car was to check the lug nuts.  Sure enough, the left side driver's side wheel's nuts were loose.  I had a flat on that tire a few weeks back, and the tire changer/flat fixer didn't torque the lug nuts.  He just used his air gun.  Well, I'm here to tell ya.....torque those suckers to at least 70-80 pounds, because they will  loosen.  It's a good thing I wasn't going 80 MPH in the middle lane of the San Antonio freeway like I was doing a few minutes earlier. 

Yes, it's always good to check your wheel nuts after a while when something has been done to them. I remember loosing a wheel when I just had my driving licence and it was pretty scary to see the front of the car drop and the wheel going alone lol

I have always do waht my father use to always tell me when tighting anything. Tighten it until it breaks then back it off a half turn, LOL, good to hear you are okay bro


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