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Lowering Car and Rims

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Well i am wanting to lower my car and wanna know what springs you guys may have used already.I saw the eibach springs lowered the car the most i think it said 2 inches.I'm gonna be running bullit style wheels soon either 18x9 and 18x10 or 18x9 or 18x10.5.Not sure of which i should run on the rear though.Just seeing what you guys have used to lower your car

I recommend contacting Laurel Mountain Mustang as they have some great deals and knowledge on this type of alteration.   :D

Laurel Mountain Mustang where is that at?They have a website or something?


Most guys who want to lower their front end replace the standard springs with 620's and/or perform the  "Shelby Drop."
Read about how to do it.

Mr_Nice_Guy: has a wider variety of parts on it so i'll stick to that one.has anyone on here actually lowered their car was more what the question was geared to.I know how to lower my car i just wanna here some product reviews from peoples experience


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