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loss of power


hi never being in a forum basically my first mustang(dont ask about first one had a couple weeks then wrote 0ff)then bought 2002 gt with a vorteq supercharger added on the guy put on #6 fuel injectors,ford focus svt fuel pump

Hello Mootha, and welcome to our forum.  Is there a question here, or are you just telling us what you have? 

its a question im in houston but from newcastle england and the only car i had a load of fun in befor was a 78 1000cc mini no joke it was fun i had 90mph with four friends in it as my friend shouted captain she cant take anymore shes breaking up great fun.but this supercharged mustang gt is in a diffrent class i love it but it drops power at about 3500rpm i dont know much about cars thanks MOOTHA

OK, what you need to do is clean your MAF. 


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