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Where to 18 and my dad gave me a 1968 mustang as a restore project...problem is he has been restoring it off and on for 10 years. the highlights of this mustang are a 302 bored .40 over with a performance cam and an edelbrock 650 four barrel double pump carb.  Just recently i bought brand new lowering springs and shocks for the front end and installed the basic MSD ignition kit.  my problems include the rearend and what gears i should put in it and if a 3 speed c-6 out of a 1982 f-150 will fit in place of the c-4 that is currently in it.  i know i will have to fabricate a new cross member and shorten the drive shaft. also i need advice on whether or not to install a new wiring kit for the entire car because of ignition and electrical problems i need help on the best way to restore this car without KILLING my very light wallet i need some insight on anything and everything i can do to do this car the right way i love this car!!!  it has open headers without exhaust for now and i need advice on the best exhaust set-up that wont kill my hp.  keep in mind that this car will be street legal and its not a drag car but i still want plenty of power to destroy some little kid with a souped up 4 banger with a spoiler thanks!!!

Let's get this straight.  Do you currently have a 302, or do you have a 6 banger in your mustang? 

I just recently put a 302 in it sorry I didn't specify

Do some reading.  You are going to need a front suspension upgrade along with that C6 and rear end. 
I6 to V8 swap:

i appreciate the site link it helped answer some questions and i have already put new front in suspension and polyurethane bushings from energy suspension and replaced all of the tie rods and a new steering box its manual steering and the front and back drums have been switched to five lug wheels i know i need front disc brakes but i gotta save up a bit thanks again for the help


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