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K&N filter cleaned

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I bought a K&N filter for my Mach1 about 6 months ago, and after I got through changing the oil and oil filter today, I popped the cover for the air filter element and found a very dirty filter.  I went to the auto supply place and bought the cleaning kit and cleaned up the filter and oiled it down good.  It's amazing how clean that stuff gets that K&N filter and how much crap that filter takes out of the air that is going into the combustion chamber.  If you are running a paper filter still, my advice is to get a K&N ASAP. 

  I used a pair of K & N air filters for the carburetors and another one for the crankcase breather on my sand rail for years with no problems. (See the picture.) The bottom line is to read and follow the instructions for cleaning and use K & N oil before you reinstall them on your car.

Yeah, after I oiled her down and it turned red again I knew I Was protected again.  The K&N filters are certainly not just for extreme situations like yours Jim.  They are for any daily use engines as well.  Yeah, you pay a few more pennies for the initial purchase, but in the end you get a much superior protective filter at damn near the same price as the paper filters since they are good for around a million miles with proper maintenance. 

a good idea after re oiling the filter would be to clean your maf after a week or so, sometimes the excess oil can be sucked in the motor making the maf sensor dirty. plus its also good maintenance and keep your fuel economy up.

they sell a maf cleaner for a few bucks at the parts store just spray a q tip and softly wipe the elements. the sensor comes out of the maf housing with 2 torx bits 5-10 min job and it can make a big seat of the pants difference too

OK....I am ignorant about the MAF.  What is it, and where is it?


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