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K&N filter cleaned

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1. MAF = Mass AirFlow as in 'Mass AirFlow Sensor'. Also Malasian Air Force, but I don't think that applies.
2. On them new fangled engines - somewhere.

its inline after your air cleaner has a few wires going to it and is before your tb. i dont have a pic of you engine bay but its probably in front of the shock tower on the right hand side. the maf is normally blk in color. it should have two anti tamper torx screw in the top of it. the maf housing is alum usually easy to spot since it breaks up the black intake tubing in between the air cleaner and throttle body.

OK, I see it.  I'll go get some cleaner tomorrow and clean that sucker. 
Looks like I need to clean the rest of the engine bay as well.  Damn dust here in central Texas.  You da' man on these new fangled Stangs Steve.  Thanks for the tip. 

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I cleaned the MAF sensor today, but had to go buy a special torx tool.  I thought I had every tool known to mankind, but this one is not only the torx star shape, it also has to have a hole in the middle to fit the screw.  Anyway, I bought that expensive cleaner stuff and got her clean.  It had a very thin layer of oil on it. 

did it seem to help any?  i notice a jump in mileage everytime i make a habit of cleaning every 10k miles or so

yeah thise torx are what are called anti tamper ;)


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