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It doesn't look good!!


The good news is that win or lose come Sunday midnight (eastern) it's all over with.  I'm talking about the restoration challenge. 

The last I could look I was behind.  Since then they have turned off the ability to see the votes. 

I'm making one last plea for votes.  Even if you don't want to vote for me wouldn't it be better if a Mustang won instead of a Camaro?

Come on.  It will only take a couple of minutes to register and vote.

And to all that have voted I really appreciate your support.


OK, I finally got signed up and voted for you.  Nick, the guy with the blue Camaro, seems to have a lot of friends who have commented.  Know that you beat a lot of super restorations so you have no reason to bow your head if you lose.  These contests are 90 percent political, and the one with the most friends, wins. If they were all 1969 Mustangs it would be a little bit more fair competition, but to pit highly modified trucks against classic Mustangs is really a dumb contest IMO.  This was just an advertising scheme by the paint company, and nothing more. 
I hope you understand that we have a contest here on this forum each month.  No, the winning prize is not a trip to Hawaii sponsored by a paint company, but we have fun with it, and it is all Mustangs.  No bowties allowed.   ;D

Believe me I know this contest is all about who has the most friends.  That's the only reason I made it past round 3.  My sister-in-law started calling everyone she knew (and I think some she didn't know) to get them to vote.  At one point I was down by 70 votes.  Ended up winning by about 40. 

I'm not the least bit ashamed of how far I got.  I only entered on a whim.  Didn't think I would get anywhere at all.  Surprised the hell out of me when I won the first and then the second round.  To be totaly honest I would have been happy to stop right there.  But then as I say my in law got involved so I more or less had to put forth max effort.  Didn't want to appear ungratefull.

Right now to tell the truth I would like for the whole thing to be over with.  It's just a little to hard on the nerves after a while.

Anyway, thanks for your support.



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