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Issue with a 302 engine, bad performance


Hello, I have a mustang 1967, I install a 302 engine from a 1974 mustang, with a c4 tranny from a mustang II and a 8" differential. I just finish all work on my car, and when I drive it, it sound good (flowmaster super44 with 2.5" tube). you feel the power of the engine, but when you hit the gas, the car doesnt have a good start, it is actually slow.

What could be the problem here???? or what do I have to change to improve it?



The 1974 mustang II only had a 4cyl. and a V-6 ,in 75 it came with a 302but was only rated at 122 Horsepower and the 67 is a little bit heavier than the pinto based mustang II by almost 900 pounds. What modifications have you done to the motor? or is it stock

I had a Mustang II Ghia with the 302.  It was peppy, but hardly fast.

I would determine what gear ratio differential you have for starters.  An economy 2.50 series gear will make most engines feel sluggish and  the 4.56's will make any engine feel stronger.  Are you geared right for your weight and power?

What type of RPM's are you running at say 60 miles an hour in Drive?

About the worst years for engines was about 73-85 or so. The things government want the auto makers to do weren't really possible with the technology level of the time. So they got tuned for the smog teat not the race track.. Its possible to remove all the smog controls and beef those engines up and make them as powerful as they could be.. I also agree with the gear suggestion. Makes a huge difference and it can be the biggest bang for the dollars spent..


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