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Hello all,
my name is Preston, and i am new to the forums just wanted to drop a thread and itroduce myself. i am currently rolling around in an 2003 gt and am disassembling my race car also a 2003 form its race setup as i will no longer be racing just got on here to lend a hand with anyone looking to use the stang as a road race vehicle or any setup questions. look forward to talking with you all and parts and components on the classifieds once i get enough posts. thanks everyone!


Welcome to the site.

welcome  ;D

Welcome to the forum Preston.
Until you have enough posts to be able to advertise your parts, you can use the classifieds section for non members. The section is using a different software so you will have to create a new account. ;)
Parts for sale

 I am Jaggerdog, the newbee of the day.  I have a 1968 GT convertable with a 302 4-bbl and 4-spd.

I'm learning the vageries of the Autolite 4300 and would appreciate any suggestions about optimizing or replacing this carb.  I've just installed factory (cast) high performance exhaust manifolds, which do not have a fitting for the sending tube for the carb choke heater.  the mornings here are now 32 degrees F or lower, and I can't get the car off fast idle.

Any suggestions?


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