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i am starting to question my self???? i have 30 lbs injectors on my car with a 80mm maf for them but a couple of weeks ago the car started acting up and i tried a friends maf for 30 lbs also and that was the problem. I am saving to but a new maf from pro m which is 300.00 my quesition is will i mess up my ring if i am running my stock maf with 30lbs injectors??? i am breaking my head on this one!!! ???

 ???breaking my head even more now...... my car ran a 14.4 @ 99 with the stock maf then when i ran it with my friends maf pro m for the 30 lbs it ran a 15.0 @ 90 i did let the car idle for about 15 min then ran it arount for another 5 min to let the computer read the new maf. I do not under stand why it would run better with the stock maf if it is for 19 lbs and its 55mm in size and my car has 30lbs injectors. can any one give me any pointers ???

tune for it since its probably does not know it has bigger injectors

 ;D after much research and many phone calls and lots and lots of work on the car, some one was abel to help me out. A tune would have worked also to answer my question but this mustang 87-93 do not need much tunning and still run the same. in case any one runs in to this problem. On this set up on my car the 30 lbs injector are to big for the gt40p heads and the e 303 cam. so with the original mass air meter the car would flow less fuel and the car would run fine. but with the 30lbs mass air meter the car would have to much fuel and it would run rich and poorly. the answer was running the fuel psi at 32 instead of 40 lbs incase any one ever has this question.  ;D


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