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Identify a 66 GT


I am attempting to identify a 66 Mustang fastback as a GT.
Car was completely restored approximately 20 + years ago and current owner has photos the show the car as a GT emblems and rocker stripe, before restoration.  Car has the A code 289 4 bbl 225 hp, 4speed wide ratio transmission, has all the "GT" parts, GT emblems, Mustang spelled out along the bottom of the fender in the GT rocker stripe,  fog lamps with punch out in core support with gromets, special handling package, front disc brakes with the large master cylinder, unique GT gas cap, low restriction dual exhausts that apprears to be totally factory including the brackets that attach  the tail pipes.  My biggest questions are where exactly is the brace under the floor pan for the rear exhaust pipes as I either don't recognize or see this brace and is there any difference in the appearance of the rear leaf springs either additional leaf or? to id this.

Don Holton


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