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Okay check this out I know for some reason everytime I leave a message no one every answers them. Well I need help on this one and I mean it. I just found out that my 5 year old cousin has a tumor and they don't expect him to live more that a couple months even with treatment he won't ee christmas. They thing I need help with is I am trying to find a way to get ahold of the nascar league because he is hooked and I am trying to get his driver which I don't know at this point but I want to try to get him up there to see him before he passes. I really need some help I know this has nothing to do with the mustangs but oh well. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
well it wont be hard to find out how to get with the driver.  First we need to know who the driver is, then were you are and the rest will be easy.   Most of the shops are in NC. and if we cant find the address then you can drive there and ask around. just have to to like on a monday or tuesday.

Let me know and I will see what I can do to help

here in Kansas City they have whats called Dream Factory. They make wishes come true for kids that are sick.

So who is his favorate driver? I have a Richard Petty Autograph card I would gladly give him. MAybe I could get a hold of Carl Edwards, he  lives only a hour from me , maybe I could try to contact him somehow. Is there anything else  he would like, games and such? I have tons of chiefs autographs. please just let us know. Dustin

Thank you very much GODFATHER AND RACEDRAPER from the bottom of my heart. His favorite driver is the number 17 Matt Kenseth. The big guy is only 5 years old but is a big fighter and I would love to give him everything I can until while he is still on the earth with me. I don't know of any games that he likes but he does like pokemon and Mario from super mario brothers. I would love it if any one could continue to give me information for the fact that I would like that Matt Kenseth to possible meet him even if it was for a mintue just to bringhten his day or maybe send him a autographed pit hat or maybe just something at all. He is 5 years old so material things aren't as important to him as they are us. I thank you and GOD bless and keep the information comming. STANG OUT

I need to know all of his info, My kids want to know if he would like some of thier Pokemon toys and cards. I wil see hat I can do to get Matt to see him. But like what I and Godfather said we need info...


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