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I need real help

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I wish I could do something to help you but from Canada it's not that easy.
I have found Matt Kenseth's fan club website. They have a huge forum so there is good chances it's known and visited by Matt Kenseth himself. Maybe you can try to post in their forum or contact the club.

Thanks again . His name is Gunner Shultz the address I have for him is grandparents which is right down the street. Pauline and Randy Shultz 1406 E 3rd Winfield, ks 67156. His father is a ex marine racedraper like yourself so that is where he got the name from. If there is anymore information let me know and I will get it to you guys thanks.

did everyone get the information I sent. STANG OUT

Well i sent emails to some contacts so its just a waite game. If he would like I will send him a care package of sort with pokemon toys and other stuff . OHH RAH  scout

Hey Brother I think anything would help that kid out and now just getting a smile on his face is well worth it but don't go out of your way. It just makes me mad to know that I come back from a place that I saw ppl die almost everyday and now I have to watch someone else die that is my flesh and I cannot do anything about it. I think you very much my my cousin Mark Gunner's father would be more than happy just knowing that someone cares who don't even know him. STANG OUT


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