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I need help with bodywork


So i need rear quarters,taillight panel and passenger drip rail put in then bondo and paint. I just got quoted $8-10k to do it all and i just cant spend that kind of money. Anyone near buffalo have any ideas or know of anyone that could do any better?

ol dirty doug:
dude this is going to sound a little racist (and i'm not, i have a colored tv) but here in arizona, there are a lot of "mexican" owned body shops that do (belive it or not) really good work for very little money, just check out some of their work they have done, and do not tell them you were already quoted that high amount.

oh ya... you may not have a large amount of immogrant owned body shops where you live but good luck anyway.

That sounds high to do just that work.  You can get the whole car refurbished here in Texas for around 5 grand.  And, that is not with illegal alien labor. 


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