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Hey guys and gals, I got home today for my 11 days of leave and within 30 mintues I QUIT. The Army has always taught me to never quit, but I started to sand down behind the quarters and the  dam thing caved in on me  and I got so flustered I said F@#$ IT. For real guys I spent three months thinking baout how to get this done and to come here and find a new problem is screwing with me right now. ANYWAYS, I will keep it updated so LOOK OUT and help out I need answers to all should I bondo or should I but the patch for it? STANG OUT

Hi,rentascout how u been.I have done body work ever since i was 13 years old many ways u can fix it.1}you cut out the metal that was bad out and u then can put a piece of screen in or a new piece of metal and pop rivet it in or u can put a piece of card board on the back side of the hole and fill in the hole .You can also use fiber glass or fiber glass cloth with the resin. then you use a good grinding disk and sand it and keep filling it til you got it smooth.

Fiberglass and card board is an easy way to fix rusted metal on a cheap car you want to drive till it dies but I wouldn't do this kind of repair on a classic Mustang. The car will certainly loose a lot of value with this kind of reparation.
The best way is to cut out the rusty metal and weld new metal but I have been reading about people using glue to replace metal panels.
I have the same problem with my Firebird. As I take it apart I discover more rust everywhere and it's like a nightmare. Welders are not cheap and having it done will cost more than the value of the car so I might use this method.
Here is a forum topic describing how to do it:
Let me know how it goes if you go this way before I do.


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