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I need a tip.

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The engine on my 03 Mach 1 is getting dusty.  Being anal as I am, I want to get it off.  When I bought my used 03 F-150 Lariat pick-em-up truck, I washed the engine.  WRONG!  One of the coils got water on it of course and burned it out.  That was a $200 mistake.  There isn't any oil on the engine, just dust.  How do I clean it? 

I wasn't going to be the one to tell you that your 03 engine was a bit dirty, but as long as you brought it up: dry rags first to get as much of the "dust" off; use a dry bottle brush in tight spaces; use a liguid spray cleaner, 409, Fantastic, etc, with a damp rag as cleanup; for really tough spots, try Krud-Kutter available from Home Depot (be careful, it's a paint remover so wipe it off in less than 5 minutes); paint thinner or in extreme cases, Goof-Off. Some people like Simple Green, I don't, the smell make me sick. The only other ingredient is time, oh, and some "Long Necks".

Compressed air? Damp cloth? All i can think of that would not be too aggressive.

Yeah, I have a compressor and an air blower thingy.  I guess I will start with that, then a damp cloth.  I don't have any crud, so a brush won't be necessary I don't think.  I want to stay away from any dust attracting products, so any chemical or oil based products will be out.  After the damp cloth I may try to use a car polish to slick it up a bit and give me back that sheen it used to have.  Ain't life fun?  If this is all the worries I have, I don't have any worries.   ;D
The best long necks here in central Texas is Budweiser.  Yeah I know we have our not so famous Lonestar, but it tastes like shit.

I take mine to the car wash!  First I put a small rag over the distributor, then I set the sprayer to SPOT-FREE cycle.  The spot-free sprayers here are about 1/4 the pressure as WASH or RINSE.  I've done this many, many times and never an issue with start up or burn-outs.  Works for me.


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