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Ok, So I am new to this wanting a Mustang thing. I grew up a Chevy guy and had been waiting for the new Camaro to come out. Not impressed and for like that last 3 months every time I see a newer (late 90's to now) Mustang sitting on a lot I stop and look at it or browse it on the net..... I think I have a problem!!! But I am ok with that.

So my questions are these...
1)Are they reliable? I have a 2001 Explorer with 110,000 miles going strong and I think that they share similar parts (correct me if i am wrong on that) so i would assume that if you take care of it, it is going to take care of you....

2) Do they hold their value well?

3) are they cheap to mod? Easy to mod?

tell me anything else that might be helpful... I am going to be buying one in about 6 months or so and I want to know it all!

I would be going with a V8. GT Premium on a newer model or a Mach 1, Saleen, Shelby late '90's.... What would be the better here?

I am high on the 2010 but that would probably be a lil outta my range.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Regarding reliability, my 1965 is 44 years old, and the engine has never been rebuilt.  Same transmission and rear end too, and she runs every day like a top.   My 03 Mach1 is 6 years old and runs like a scared rabbit.  You cannot possibly buy a more reliable American built sports car.   Regarding which model should you buy?  That depends on how deep your pockets are.  Of course the Shelby 500 and the Saleens are the creme de la creme, but a nice GT will make you grin as well.  Just stay away from the girl V6 Mustangs. 

I have an 2007 GT and I'm very happy with it. I have put 81000 KM on it, not sure what that is in miles and haven't had any major problems. Just a few minor things that warranty took care of. I just read yesterday that Ford just took the spot of number one in car sales in Canada. I know they had a period in the 80s and 90s when the cars were pretty much junk IMHO, but they are doing things right again as far as I can tell.
As for easy to mod, there is lots of aftermarket stuff out there for them. I heard a statistic that out of all the sports cars sold in America, 50% are Mustangs so there is a huge aftermarket. When I look under the hood of my car everything has a very simple layout to it and it looks very easy to work on. I say looks, because I haven't had to work on it of course.
Personally I really don't like the 2010 Mustang style. I think they nailed it with the 2005-2009 but I guess that is a matter of opinion. I think they look bolder and more aggressive, I love the big tail lights and big headlights. Anyway, that is a matter of opinion so go with what you like.
Since Mustangs are so common, they are not all that expensive to buy used. Here in Canada you could get a used GT like mine for about $20000. I'm sure it would be less in USD.

I understand why they have to do the v6 models but want to take the guy that made that a regulation and kick him in his teeth

Thanks for the replies guys! I didn't think that i would really have to worry about the car. Just wanted to get a feel for it.


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