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- at Laguna Seca Raceway near Monterey, CA. The car (owned and driven by John) was a Fox body with a 302 Ford crate moter. The fuel injected motor put out 340HP at the flywheel. The car was number 328 and here are a few shots in the pit and on the track. The group that John belongs to is called 'Weinerdog Racing'. Don't ask why.
It was a good day.

Sounds like a fun time Jim.  Sure is a butt ugly car though.   ::)

The interior is 'Spartan', functional and criss-crossed with roll cage. In these shots, you can't see the duct tape on the fiberglass front end, it's painted body color anyway. As to the overall paint job, you don't loose track of it in a crowd.

so u enjoyed the ride.... explain the vehicle performance and how u felt.....

Cool, I bet you had a really fun time!


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